"How to improve azerbaijani start ups" - interview with Igor Peer - VIDEO

One of the pivotal issues of the competitive world is start ups. OTV took an interview from Igor Peer who is one of the founders of eAZI Start - start up business incubator.

- What is your purpose in visiting Azerbaijan?
- Actually,I come here once in two month and we are developing start ups,new projects.

- What is main differences between Azerbaijani and foreign people who engaged in start up business?
- I think, experience plays a great role. Ecosystem of Azerbaijan hasn't developed yet. But, if I try to understand differences between Azerbaijani and foreign ideas, I don't see any diffrences. Both of them are good. Only difference is that there is not good examples and ecosystem here which support forming good ideas. Our main aim is to establish good ecosystem here.

- What is basically required to make known azerbaijani start ups in global market and how much time is required for this?
- It depends on the people, problems. According to my experience, it can take several years, especially in order to bring working productivity and ideas not only to local market, but also global market. Business opportunity with big customers is mainly required for making known azerbaijani start ups in the global market. Firstly, azerbaijani start ups should find global problems from global customers. If they pay attention to global problems, global customers, their solution can be implemented in different part of the world. If they only look into local market, they will be limited to grow globally.

As the result of the visit Azerbaijan, it is negotiated between Igor Peer and the founder of one of the local projects - CityMap, Vagif Huseynov on making known above- mentioned project in the global market.

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